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APT MOBILE SATCOM LIMITED(can be called as APSATCOM)was founded on 23rd July 2016. The registered capital is 2 billion RMB and the total investment will be over 10 billion RMB.

APSATCOM will provide the high-quality, efficient, cost-effective communication services and various applications for maritime, aviation, land mobile and satellite broadband internet access in isolated areas.

APSATCOM is a reliable and professional communications service provider. It has a communication expert team which is domestic leading and first-class of the international; has an engineering team which is well experienced; has a management team which is efficient and capable.

  • High throughput broadband satellite project contract and asia-pacific satellite broadband
    Establishment ceremony of communication (shenzhen) co., LTD
  • Ma Xingrui (left), then Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Lei Fanpei, Chairman of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Company, unveiled Asia-Pacific Satellite Broadband Communications (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
  • Corporate Headquarter Building of APSATCOM
Cooperative enterprise
Jobs RECRUITMENT Application: please send your resume to email hr@apsatcom.com
  • Intelligent shipping project manager

    Responsible for the planning and implementation of intelligent shipping communication project.


    1. Major in science and engineering, master degree or above (those with rich experience and higher professional level are not limited to this);

    2. More than five years' working experience in large shipping companies or overall ship design;

    3. Have the experience of writing project documents independently, with strong writing skills;

    4. Familiar with the shipping network, understand the current situation of intelligent shipping at home and abroad, and have a deep understanding of its future development;

    5. Strong pioneering spirit.

  • Strategic development post

    To be responsible for the strategic development of the water transport direction of the transportation industry, the research of intelligent shipping and intelligent ships, and the writing of relevant reports.


    1. Full-time bachelor degree or above;

    2. 7-8 years of experience in research and design of water transport planning, such as transportation research institute, planning institute and design institute;

    3. Familiar with the national and industrial policies of water transportation in the transportation industry, and master the latest development direction and trend of the industry;

    4. Strong writing ability, able to organize and complete engineering feasibility study report, etc.

  • Management accounting

    Responsible for financial analysis of the group; To supervise the budget implementation and make summary analysis; Research fund utilization efficiency and dynamics; To formulate project financing plans and medium - and long-term capital utilization plans of the company; To be responsible for internal and external tax planning.


    1. Major in finance and economics, full-time bachelor degree or above, senior accountant title;

    2. More than 5 years' financial working experience, with the financial working experience of listed companies in Hong Kong and the management position of the financial department of the group company;

    3. Rich financial knowledge, accounting treatment and financial management experience;

    4. Proficient in the financial and tax laws and regulations of the mainland and Hong Kong, with strong experience in the analysis and processing of financial and accounting projects; (necessary, not familiar with the financial and tax laws and regulations of Hong Kong)

    5. Proficient in financial software, excel and other office software;

    6. Holder of valid CPA certificate, international accounting certification, English proficiency is a plus.

  • Operation system engineer

    Project management of BOSS system construction; Collect, summarize, analyze and extract functional requirements of BOSS module construction; Organize internal and external personnel and third-party personnel to complete system construction tasks on time; Operation, maintenance and management of each module of BOSS system; Collect and analyze internal data of the system, provide reasonable Suggestions for business and product planning.


    1, computer, software and other related majors, full-time bachelor's degree or above;

    2. More than 5 years' experience in BOSS system construction and operation and maintenance of operators at home and abroad;

    3. Proficient in BOSS system architecture and billing enter an item of expenditure in the accounts process of telecom operators, familiar with products and business processes of telecom operators;

    4. Working experience in gathering, sorting and analyzing BOSS system requirements

    5. Skilled in operating oracle and other mainstream databases and SQL scripts, with experience in data processing of tens of millions of users;

    6. Rich experience in software project management, strong coordination ability and timely delivery of quality and quantity;

  • Sales operation and maintenance engineer

    Responsible for server configuration, maintenance, monitoring, tuning, etc. Troubleshoot service failures, system failures and network failures during operation and maintenance; Participate in operation and maintenance automation project, assist to develop operation and maintenance script; Participate in the construction of operation and maintenance support platform, including operation and maintenance tools, background data statistics platform. Participate in the implementation of communication projects.


    1, computer, software, information and other related majors, full-time bachelor's degree or above;

    2, know as CentOS, Redhat Linux system, Gentoo, familiar with Apache, NginX, MySQL, Consul, HTTPDNS, KEYBOX, ZABBIX, ELK common services such as installation, configuration and maintenance;

    3. Familiar with more than one scripting language, Shell, PERL, PHP, Python, etc.;

    4. Familiar with TCP/IP, firewall, switch and other network equipment installation and configuration;

    5. Excellent logical thinking and language skills, English proficiency is a plus.

  • Software engineer

    Web design, development and testing of products and services; Develop and maintain its own front-end framework; Support device-side WEB GUI development.


    1, computer, software, information and other related majors, full-time bachelor's degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience;

    2. Familiar with HTML/CSS, familiar with JavaScript and some common frameworks; Familiar with the optimization and adaptation methods of pages on browsers and mobile devices;

    3. Excellent logical thinking and language skills, English proficiency is a plus.

18th Floor,Building C,Shenye U Center,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China
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