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The 28th Singapore international newsletter

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Time: 2018-06-06

The 28th Singapore international communication and information exhibition and seminar (CommunicAsia2017) was solemnly opened in the beautiful jinsha exhibition center on May 23, 2017. The exhibition is the largest and most influential communication industry event in the asia-pacific region. It brings together the world's first-class telecom operators, service providers, system integrators and equipment manufacturers to show the latest research and development achievements and the most advanced technology products in the industry. SES, EUTELSAT, ABS, INTELSAT, IMMARSAT, ASIASAT, JSAT, AKD, addvalue, Measat, Singtel, China satcom, INTELSAT and other 160 satellite communication companies were showered.

The joint exhibition of apstar and its initiator shareholder, apsat, fully demonstrated the background of the establishment of the company, the shareholders, the progress of the company's projects and the basic information of the launch of the first star. Apac will launch its first satellite, apac 6D, in 2019. Construction of apac 6D, a high-throughput communications satellite (HTS), began in August 2016. It is reported that the Singapore international communication and information exhibition and seminar is the first time the information about "Asia Pacific 6D" was disclosed in the overseas exhibition, which not only attracted the attention of a large number of peers, but also attracted the attention of a large number of upstream and downstream industrial chain companies.




As the first overseas show of "asia-pacific 6D", it still attracts people's attention, and visitors come to the booth in an endless stream. Everyone is curious about the uniqueness of "asia-pacific 6D". The apac 6D is a high-throughput satellite designed specifically to optimize systems for aircraft and maritime mobile services. The load design is optimized according to the route and user distribution in the covered area, and the flux is distributed flexibly in a certain area. "Asia-pacific 6D" can provide at least 50Gbps of communication capacity, single beam capacity can reach more than 1Gbps, of which China region beam capacity can reach 25-30gbps. Asia-pacific 6D is a broadband communication satellite in geostationary orbit. It adopts the dongsi enhanced platform and is equipped with Ku frequency band multi-point beam (Ka frequency band feed link) load. It will take China as the core and face the asia-pacific region to form the coverage from the eastern Indian Ocean to the western Pacific Ocean, providing high-throughput broadband communication services for the asia-pacific region.

At the exhibition, "Asia Pacific star link" and "Asia Pacific 6D" gained certain popularity in the industry. During the exhibition, our company's exhibitors visited several well-known companies in the same industry, introduced and promoted "asia-pacific 6D" to some potential customers, and communicated with several hardware equipment manufacturers to explore possible ways of cooperation in the future. 


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