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2017 mobile world congress, Shanghai

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Time: 2018-06-28

The annual Asian mobile communication industry grand gathering -- 2017 world mobile conference Shanghai (MWCS2017) was grandly held in Shanghai on June 28. With The theme of "The Human Element", The conference will present The latest and coolest technologies, products and applications in The mobile communications industry. Communication giants from all over the world gather together to discuss how to use trendy technologies and products to implement information transformation, reshape the network and business model, and usher in the era of "Internet of everything".


2017 world mobile conference · Shanghai opens

The asia-pacific broadband satellite communication (shenzhen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "asia-pacific satellite communication"), jointly participated in the exhibition with China communications and information center, and specially arranged the "high-throughput satellite system" exhibition area. This is the first time that apstar has disclosed the basic information of the first satellite -- "apac 6D" at a large domestic exhibition.


The exhibition booth of China communications and information center


Apstar "high-throughput satellite system" exhibition area

Autonomous controllable high throughput satellite communication system

The appearance of apstar has attracted the attention of relevant leaders and experts and placed high hopes on apstar. The crowds in front of the exhibition area cast curious eyes on what kind of company apac is. Is it a mobile operator? What kind of satellite is the asia-pacific 6D? Through explanation, we realize that apstar is initiated and established by China aerospace science and technology group and Beijing ship communication and navigation co., LTD., which is affiliated to the ministry of transportation of China. It plans to launch three to four high-throughput communication satellites and build a global broadband mobile satellite communication system that integrates heaven and earth and is under independent control. Construction of the asia-pacific 6D, which was launched in August 2016, is a high-throughput communications satellite (HTS) that will be launched and put into use in 2019. "Asia-pacific 6D" covers most of the land and sea in the asia-pacific region, and will provide high-quality, efficient and economical all-weather and all-region broadband Internet access information service for satellites in aviation, navigation, land mobile and other fields.


The VIP professional team of mobile world congress listens to the staff's explanation in front of the Asia Pacific star link booth


Cao desheng, director of China communications and information center, visited the Asia Pacific star link booth

In an interview with People's Daily online, the on-site staff of the exhibition also said that apstar is making steady progress in all its work and will build a global high-throughput broadband satellite communication system that is all-weather, safe, reliable and independent and controllable in the next few years. The broadband satellite communication service provided by apstar will enter the daily life of ordinary people and provide strong support for China's "One Belt And One Road" strategy.

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