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Satellites broadband into the ocean

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Time: 2019-08-23

  On March 20, 2017, the signing ceremony of the "comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on satellite broadband access to the ocean" was held in zhoushan, zhejiang province. The signing of the cooperation agreement marks that China's broadband satellite communications will further cover the ocean, speed up capacity expansion and open a new era of maritime Internet. At present, with the rapid development of the Marine economy, China's Marine mobile ships have an increasingly urgent need for communications, satellite broadband and other needs, and the number of users of "seaport" has increased exponentially. According to the cooperation agreement, apac and sino will ensure that the development of maritime communications users will be given priority due to the relatively scarce satellite bandwidth resources, and provide all-round technical support for the main station system of maritime communications satellite. Later, the three parties will jointly develop value-added services of satellite application products to better serve fishing boats, fisheries and fishermen.


Mar. 20, "seaport" workers are using satellites to serve fishermen at sea


On March 20, pan yungang, general manager of seaport (zhoushan) satellite communications co., ltd. was introducing the operation of the Internet at sea.


On March 20, the agreement was signed by li jie (right), President of asia-pacific broadband satellite communications (shenzhen) co., LTD., a leading enterprise in China's satellite communications industry, wang hongbin (left), general manager of sinosatcom co., LTD., and xia lindu (middle), chairman of seaport (zhoushan) satellite communications co., LTD., chairman of sinosatcom.



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