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The technical conference was held smoothly

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Time: 2017-05-16

Civil aviation resources network news on May 12, 2017: the "aviation cabin information technology conference (ICT) 2017" BBS hosted by IRICHT was successfully held in Shanghai on May 10, 2017, solstice and 11. China transportation &telecommunication information center, Beijing Marine communication navigation co., LTD., comac, China telecom, China unicom, China mobile, the asia-pacific satellite broadband communications (shenzhen) co., LTD., Europe, Asia satellite communications satellite, sino satellite, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, flying joint, global navigation links, Honeywell, Panasonic, GEE, Gogo, Rockwell Collins, Telefonix brilliant appearance of the world's top suppliers, The conference gathered more than 20 airline executives. High-level representatives had in-depth discussions and exchanges on the new development stage and future development trend of onboard Internet, aviation safety and the establishment of industrial chain.

The asia-pacific satellite communication traffic information center, investment company and China set up the asia-pacific satellite broadband communications (shenzhen) co., LTD., air traffic controller Li Jin said, traffic in 2016 issued by the ministry of industry and information technology basic telecommunication business operation license, in March 2017, Beijing ship navigation company approved to carry out the Ku band airborne communications business. It is expected that the asia-pacific 6D satellite launched in 2019 will be a high-performance high-throughput low-cost Ku+Ka satellite with a total capacity of 50Gbs.

Song zhen, deputy director of China traffic information center, also attended the congress. As the only national basic telecommunications operator under the ministry of transportation, Beijing ship navigation company bases itself on the industry, serves the society, builds a satellite communication network integrating heaven and earth, and provides ubiquitous satellite communication services for air, sea and land users.

Li jie, President of apac broadband satellite communications (shenzhen) co., LTD., chaired the panel discussion entitled "airlines and the Internet".


(asia-pacific broadband satellite communication (shenzhen) co., LTD., deputy director li jin, head of MCN KU aviation communication business, Philip Hermann, Honeywell product marketing director, fang jian, general manager of jiuyuan aviation and aviation Commerce Department, Eddie matsushita avionics, deng hua, director of Gogo China, general manager of China telecom satellite communication co., LTD., general manager of wanjun)

 Adhere to independent research and development to help China's "smart" manufacturing

Ma xinrui, co-vice President of feitian, talked about the development characteristics of China's inflight Internet at the meeting and introduced the overall progress of the inflight system。

  Ma xinrui told reporters that as a domestic enterprise, we adhere to the core product independent research and development, take the route of localization, adhering to the "continuous integration of technological innovation, market innovation, management innovation" concept, try our best to provide airlines and passengers with satisfactory products and services. However, we have to admit that the road is still difficult! Ma xinrui said that she would like to take this opportunity to appeal: I hope that the airline can more support domestic, help China's "manufacturing" development.

Flight safety and information security cannot be ignored

For the first time to participate in ICT tencent aviation safety laboratory safety expert Dr VZG airborne entertainment system security and made numerous guests communication, the Internet is a new industry, air air wi-fi client, server, router etc. If there is a loophole, are likely to be used, thus affect the flight safety and information security.

The industrial chain actively promotes the development of the industry

Founded in 2016 "airborne public communications alliance" joint domestic many operators, equipment providers, Internet companies, airlines and other industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises actively promote open policy, industry development, the league secretary-general Qin Yan said, the competent department of civil aviation administration and the ministry has embarked on the aircraft cabin phone open experiment. It is reported that a number of aviation enterprises have applied, the fastest policy is expected to change within the year.

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