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Apatcom link appeared in 2017 treasure fair

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Time: 2017-07-27

On July 27, 2017, the second baoan industrial development expo (hereinafter referred to as "baoan expo") was grandly opened in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. Baoan expo for the "industrial development of the general exhibition, the highest event". With the theme of "starting again, crossing over again and refulling again", the expo comprehensively showcases the achievements of baoan district in urban construction, excellent business environment, achievements in scientific and technological innovation and future planning.

Asia-pacific star was invited to participate in the treasure fair, carefully arranged two exhibition areas. Located in the central enterprise exhibition area of the booth, to show the establishment and development of apstar in baoan; And is located in the "wisdom communications and Internet area of nearly 100 ㎡ exhibition booth, mainly display satellite application and science. The first day of baowu fair, attracted a large number of people's attention, visiting the audience stream


(exhibition site)


(leaders of shenzhen and baoan district visited the asia-pacific xingtong exhibition booth and listened to the staff's explanation)

What attracts the most attention is the "satellite cinema" and "satellite reality" presented by us at the exhibition site. We are directly connected to the communication satellite in space at the exhibition site, so that everyone can see the "satellite cinema" realized by satellite. Those vacationing on cruise ships and those working on ocean-going ships, which are inconvenient or expensive to make phone calls, can see large films synchronized with cinema lines through broadband communication satellites. The "satellite reality" transmitted back from the exhibition site by satellite shows the video live broadcast of the bridge, cabin, bow and stern of the ship "banghai pioneer" running near jeju island, so that you can see the real-time dynamic picture of the ship sailing on the exhibition site.


(satellite cinema)


(satellite reality of "banghai pioneer")

Through the treasure fair, to the general public to fully show our settled in baoan enterprise new development achievements, as well as our enterprise can really bring what help to the general public, can promote people's livelihood in what way, can let the general public really feel that the satellite seems distant, but in our side. With communications satellites, we can enjoy the convenience of high-speed Internet at any time in places with poor land network conditions, such as airplanes, cruise ships, high-speed railways and remote mountainous areas.

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18th Floor,Building C,Shenye U Center,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China
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