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Environmental impact statement form

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Time: 2018-03-16

Construction unit: asia-pacific satellite broadband communication (shenzhen) co., LTD

Eia unit: Beijing guohuan jianbang environmental protection technology co., LTD

The contact number of the eia unit is 0755-83274653, and the email address of he gong is 358731638@qq.com

Construction unit contact number: 13510206417, xiao gong

Mailing address: 2502, block A, union square, futian district, shenzhen

Construction content: the project is located at baoxing road, xin 'an street, baoan district, shenzhen city, zong di no. A002-0059. This project plans to build a class a super high-rise office building with a height limit of 230m, with a total of 47 floors above ground. The total land area of the project is 7630.06m2, and the plot ratio is 10.0. The plot ratio building area is 76300m2, excluding the plot ratio building area is about 26659.20m2. The project consists of a high-rise tower, a connected podium building (4 floors) and a commercial building with 4 basement floors. (1) office area 72150 m2, commercial area 4000 m2, property service room 150 m2, building height 224.80m, skirt building height 24m; (2) it is planned to build a 4-storey basement with an area of about 26659.20m2 and 400 mobile parking Spaces; (3) build a 900 m2 public square to the north of the local block.

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18th Floor,Building C,Shenye U Center,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China
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