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The sixth session of the National People's Congress

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Time: 2019-02-20

On the afternoon of February 16, 2017, hangcheng sub-district delegation deliberated on the government work report. Delegates expressed their feelings on the government work report with the words "encourage people to forge ahead and do real work". The publicity page of hangcheng street will be displayed in the group discussion hall of hangcheng street delegation. While getting to know the new street, representatives also talked freely about the government work report, and made Suggestions and Suggestions for the development of hangcheng street.


Strive to achieve a good start in the first year of hangcheng

MAO wuyuan, deputy director of the standing committee of the district people's congress, said that the form of the district government's report is very novel. According to the job requirement of year of quality of grass-roots level management, area government also undertook comprehensive deployment this year. As a deputy to the National People's Congress, we should also actively participate in and discuss politics around the central work of the district committee and the district government, and do a good job in all aspects of work. At the same time, he suggested that the district committee and district government should continue to pay attention to improving the quality of the community, increase the investment in safety, environmental health, management and other aspects, do a good job in details, strengthen grass-roots governance.

District people's congress deputies, hangcheng street party committee secretary, office director gong jianrong first introduced the new appearance of the new street to the delegates. He said that the report mentioned many times the work of hangcheng district, such as sanwei community land reconditioning, deep channel project. Hangcheng street will closely rely on the two core strategic resources of hangcheng port to build "airport economy" and "hub economy" and realize the comprehensive reconstruction of hangcheng economic system and fundamental improvement of industrial quality. Take science and technology, education as the fulcrum, colleges and parks as the carrier, improve and promote industrial transformation and upgrading through industry-university-research chain-link development, enrich industrial composition structure, and make hangcheng become the innovation highland of talent transmission and creative outburst in the whole region and even the whole city; Firmly establish the concept of navigation city big scenic spot, the urban design throughout the city of controlling detailed planning and construction detailed rules and standards make beach shoreline, airport terminal, phoenix mountain forest park planning and design of area and other important nodes, with the key node of city design, and communities in navigation city humanistic culture identity, to build "hna port hub, science and education highland, mountain city", strive to achieve navigation city first.

Jointly cultivate baoan aerospace talents

District people's congress, the asia-pacific satellite broadband communications (shenzhen) co., LTD., President of li jie said, "in the government work report mentioned our enterprise, popular science education base and space satellite industry science and technology park, we all hope that the enterprise and the government cooperation, make the baoan people really went into the field of space technology, developed the baoan shuttle talent." Li suggested that baoan should improve the quality of supporting urban construction while introducing high-end enterprises, such as creating a characteristic town with characteristics and happiness in the community of hangcheng street, and increase the publicity of baoan city card, which can attract more talents to baoan and take root in baoan.

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