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Ultra-Connect Commercial Maritime
  • Ultra-Connect Commercial Maritime
  • Suitable for Commercial Shipping, Scientific research vessel, Offshore Energy.

key feature MAIN FEATURES
  • High Throughput
    High Throughput
  • Realiable
  • Extensive & Open
    Extensive & Open
  • Large Coverage
    Large Coverage
Main application scenarios APPLICATION SCENE
  •  Highspeed Internet
    Highspeed Internet
    A global, seamless, flexible VSAT communication service that connects multiple commercial vessels and high-speed Internet.
  • Surveillance
    Customized Surveillance Service solutions will be provided as clients' requests.
  • Data Collection
    Data Collection
    Fulfil the need of clients' data collection anywhere and anytime.
  • Video Conference
    Video Conference
    High-speed Internet provides all clients needs of video conference, Webinar, etc.
  • Smart Shipping
    Smart Shipping

    What is Smart Shipping?

    The term Smart Shipping refers to the largely autonomous operation of inland vessels or seagoing ships. It covers not only on-board technologies, but also the design of ports and waterways so that, using data collected by sensors, a ship can maneuver autonomously or prompt the crew to take action.

    Boosting competitiveness

    By enabling vessels to sail more efficiently, Smart Shipping can make the maritime sector more competitive and therefore more attractive. For example, advanced digital systems can ensure crew members are deployed as effectively as possible and support them in their tasks, or take over some of these tasks.

    Vessels can also make better use of waterway capacity by adapting their speed and receiving more accurate navigational data. Greater efficiency reduces transport costs and, in the case of inland shipping, boosts competitiveness in relation to road and rail transport.

    Safer sailing

    Smart warning and navigation systems assist the skipper while the vessel is under way and can also take over certain tasks. This makes work on board the vessel and along the waterway safer and more manageable.

    More sustainable shipping

    With Smart Shipping technologies, ships can save fuel and money and therefore sail more sustainably. For instance, the system can coordinate the navigation plan with the opening and closing times of locks and bridges, and take account of the available mooring space in harbours and port terminals. Using more precise environmental data (depth, current and wind) a vessel can adapt its speed so that it uses less fuel.

  • Service area COVERAGE AREA
    Service area
SATCOM TOWER, No. 88, Baoxing Road, Xin'an Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City
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